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Xender apk: In the past periods, people used infrared and Bluetooth for wireless file transfer. So those days Android was not much popular with the people. But after Android came to the fore, WiFi file transferring methods was more popular than infrared and Bluetooth. Actually, infrared is a discontinued method of file transferring now. But the Bluetooth is still on the play.

To transfer files with WiFi we need a WiFi file transferring app for that purpose. Otherwise, we can’t share files between devices. Xender is one of those types of file sharing app and it is the best app for that. There are 2 types of xender download versions. So they are xender download version apk and xender download version for PC

Xender Apk

Xender Apk
App NameXender Apk
Android Version4.4 and up
User Reviews4.5
Current Version5.7.8-prime

Xender Download Versions Interface

Xender has a simple user interface that can easily handle. So in Xender download version apk, You can find the Menu with several buttons. HISTORY, APPS, PHOTOS, MUSIC, VIDEO, etc. But In the upper part, you can find CONNECT. HISTORY contains your file transferring history and APPS, PHOTOS, MUSIC, VIDEOS contains the apps, photos, music, and videos on your device respectively. Also, You can search for your wanted file or app using the Search bar in the upper part of the app.

So In the Xender download version for PC, you can find the same interface with no difference. Therefore you can easily work with the Xender download version for PC.

Xender features

  • You can easily transfer the files like Videos, Music, Pictures using the Xender. Therefore all kinds of multimedia can be transferred with no error
  • Sometimes some other File transferring apps can’t transfer files like ZIP, RAR. But xender can transfer those types of Files.
  • Very Fast File transferring between the devices.
  • There is a Special feature that most of the file sharing apps don’t have. It is you can share files between maximum up to 5 users at the same time.
  • Supports for Android And PC perfectly.

Xender Download Versions

As you know and it is mentioned above there are 2 types of Xender versions for the Xender file sharing app. So they are Xender download version apk and Xender download version for PC. Version apk works on the Android devices and the PC version works on PCs. Xender can works between smartphones to smartphones, PC to PC or Smartphones to PC. Download Xender for your device and bring your wireless file transferring to a whole new level. You can download Xender officially from this site.

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