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WhatsApp Plus
App NameWhatsapp Plus
PublisherWhatsapp Mods
Latest Versionv16.20
Category Communication
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Compatible With 4.3 and Above
UpdateJune 22, 2022 (6 days ago)

WhatsApp Plus is a popular application for Android that offers many exciting features not found in the original WhatsApp. This app can be downloaded to your device by the link given below, but before you download it, make sure you read this article to avoid any potential problems.

This article will help you to find the proper WhatsApp Plus APK to download, the installation process, and tips for using this app.

We all have smartphones now because it is essential. It means that we can get the internet and also work on our phones. That is different than before when only people at offices could do work every day.

Let’s find the complete information on the modded WhatsApp APK and how to download it.

WhatsApp Plus

What Is WhatsApp Plus?

This app is a modified version of the popular messaging application. This means it offers features not found in the original WhatsApp, such as customizing chat colors and adding GIFs from Giphy right into your chats. It also has additional theme supports that you can use to make your WhatsApp looks beautiful.

Features Of WhatsApp Plus

With WhatsApp+, you can enjoy all the features of a basic WhatsApp account plus even more opportunities for fun guaranteed.

The original WhatsApp design makes using WhatsApp+ a breeze. Because the user interface is precisely what you were accustomed to, there are no new menus and controls you have to get acquainted with.

After all, this app is just a modified version of the original application.

Themes are one of the minor features that make WhatsApp so great and popular in such a short period. With WhatsApp Plus, you can customize chat colors to your liking or add GIFs from Giphy right into chats without any additional steps required.


WhatsApp features a variety of visual themes to spice up your chat experience. Each piece changes the design, colors, and fonts to match your unique personal style.

Supports Emoticons

With a new set of emoticons and emojis, express yourself better than ever before with WhatsApp Plus.

Great Privacy

The WhatsApp Plus is secure and encrypted to protect your conversations. You can also control who has access to your calls, chats, and media files with the new privacy settings available in this app.

File Sharing Made Easy

Basic WhatsApp only allows for files to be shared less than 25MB in size, but with the upgraded version of WhatsApp (WhatsApp Plus), you can share files up to 50MB.

Hiding Options

The creators of the original app felt that users were being interrupted by other people who could see when they were available. So, WhatsApp Plus introduced a feature to hide your online status from any person or group. This new option for encrypted communication seemed like a victory.


You can delete all the unnecessary chats and files from within the WhatsApp Plus app. This saves memory on your phone by leaving only what you want to see at any given time.

Hide Recording Status

WhatsApp Plus has a great feature that helps you to hide your recording status from others.

Set Auto-Reply

All of these features are accessible to Whatsapp Business users. Still, Whatsapp Plus has also developed the app to allow you to create and send a pre-recorded automated message in response to people who recently contacted you.

Supports Wallpapers

One of the best features of this fantastic app is that you can set unlimited wallpaper. Everyone loves to decorate their screens with different backgrounds, and with this feature, there is no limit to what images you can choose from.

Fonts And Styles Support

Another great feature of this app is that it supports font and style change. This feature will appeal to those who want more customization when using WhatsApp Plus for the Android app.


Whatsapp Plus APK offers a more robust history log that is not included in the official app.

Hide Online Status

If you do not want your online presence for WhatsApp to be seen by others, one joint featured in most WhatsApp APKs is the ability to hide this.

Hide Blue Tick

In WhatsApp, the ticks your messages receive indicate when they have been sent and delivered. With this feature, you can hide that you’ve seen a message using one tick instead of two for it being read.

Hide Writing Status

When you write a message, the app shows dots to show you are typing. You can start over without someone seeing that you are writing for a long time without knowing what to say.

Contain Sticker Packs

You can download cool stickers from the site. It will help if you stay updated on the latest trends to have the most fabulous stickers. When you do not find what you want, you can make your own sticker set, and all you need is to install the sticker maker from our site.

What Are the Cons Of Whatsapp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is an illegal app, and many people are not happy with that. There are some demerits to this app.

Updates Not Supported

The developers of this app don’t release updates in a timely fashion. They tend to take considerable time between new updates.

Google removed this app from the play store after a takedown request. People can still find the app somewhere else, though, so it is not safe. It is not legal to download this app because Google asked people to stop using it. This could be not good, and you should be careful if you are an advanced user.


WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of Messenger that has been proven to post personal information when used. This type of app can steal your personal information.


It is all about the WhatsApp Plus Modded APK to download and install on your Android device. You will be able to do more than chat and send pictures, and you can use voice clips too!

Note: The original company who created this software has taken legal action against it for copyright issues which means anyone using it could face severe consequences if caught by authorities or other users with proof they were using the software.

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