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Slap Kings
App NameSlap Kings
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Latest Version 1.3.2
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Compatible With 4.3 and Above
UpdateDecember 3, 2021 (1 month ago)

If you’ve ever watched Russian slapping competitions on Youtube, then you’d know how interesting these competitions can get. I was once intrigued by these competitions. It’s amusing how much courage people would need to actually step up on a podium to get slapped voluntarily. I would’ve loved to join in something like this; however, I don’t think I’d last even two slaps.

Slap Kings Download

Luckily, I found Slap Kings on Android. This is an iconic game, that’s probably the most unique and interesting game I’ve played till now. There are quite a few games that are similar to Slap Kings like Slap That, Whack-a-mole. However, this game has an entirely different premise and the aesthetics are simply superb.

Here’s more on how you can download and play Slap Kings on Android. But before that, let’s have a look at the features of Slap Kings game!

Slap Kings

Features of Slap Kings

Get ready to go on a roller coaster ride as you’re sure to enjoy the game with given set of features!

  • Great User Interface:-There are plenty of games that I’ve stopped playing because of the user interface. There are quite a few games that bombard you with advertisements and video ads. This can be irritating for someone who’s playing the game for the first time. However, Slap Kings APK file can give you the best user interface ever. The game when opened simply starts out with the game. It doesn’t have any irritating menus, navigational irregularities or anything.
  • Detailed Graphics-For me, a game is worth playing only when the graphics are good. The reason games like PUBG on Android or Black Ops on iOS are rated among the most played is because of the impeccable graphics. Given the nature of Slap Kings, it might not require such high definition landscapes. However, the reactions when the people are slapped, the crowd cheering and the realistic nature of the people in the game is quite impressive.
  • Great Flow and Upgrades:-For small games like this that don’t have a large story running or a lot of things to do, they need to have a good flow. A good flow keeps players interested and makes it fun. When I was playing this game, the flow was somehow addictive. It was interesting to just go about the game and the little features like health upgrades and power upgrades made it even better.
  • Smacking Good Fun:-No, this isn’t about something called lip-smacking! It’s all about smacking your opponents with slaps all the time. Show your opponents that who is the actual king by slapping them hard every time you get a chance! Just chill, power up your health, upgrade some stuff that’s useful and go hard at smacking!
  • Funny Characters:-If you’re bored of playing the so-called arcade or action games on your smartphones, this game gives you something out of the box. The funny characters in the game are enjoyable when you play it right from the start! Every character in the game is unique and have something or the other to make fun all the time! So enjoy the game with various characters in Slap Kings!

How to Play Slap Kings on Android and iOS

The wait for the game to download was quite irritating. I didn’t expect the game to be 101 MB, however, once it started, I didn’t really mind the wait. After a long wait of 5 minutes, I started the game on my Android device as I don’t have an iPhone. It was amusing to see that there were no large menus, weird pop up ads or anything.

The game started out with two people standing opposite each other. Each player had a health bar on top that would deteriorate based on the power of the slap. When it’s your turn to play, the slap-o-meter, as I’d call it, keeps oscillating. When you tap on the screen, your player delivers a slap based on the slap-o-meter’s power.

This was quite interesting and easy. Now, the fun part was a little icon with a fiery hand is shown on the right. By watching a short 20-second ad, your player has a powerful fiery slap to use. For me, this was quite useful as I was about to lose my health. Similarly, the game also lets you watch a short ad while it’s your opponent’s turn, this time you can get a guard to save your health.

Overall, the game was fun and engaging. There are gold coins at the end of each game that let you bulk up on upgrades for power and health. This was quite fun to increase the health or power for a tighter slap. If you want to know in detail about this game, here’s a guide on how to play Slap Kings in detail. Check it out now!

Benefits of Downloading Slap Kings APK

The Latest APK version of Slap Kings would allow you to play without any ads. The Slap Kings Latest APK file is quite hard to find elsewhere, however, we have a way for you to download the game. This game can be quite engaging when you use the modded version as it’s easier to play without ads.

Slap Kings Latest APK will also let you use as many upgrades as possible. This can be quite fun for someone who loves an engaging and fun arcade type of a game. Moreover, you will get unlimited money and coins for sure so that you can easily upgrade yourself in the game.

More money and coins clearly mean that you now have a great chance to upgrade your health, power, accessories and more in the game at free of cost. You need not buy it from the in-app purchases as you did previously. So get ready to play Slap Kings Latest APK version of the game right away!

How to Download Slap Kings APK

To get the latest version of Slap Kings game, you need to follow the below-given procedure. But before that make sure that you’ve turned on the Unknown sources in settings so that this file can be easily installed on your smartphone or tablet.

  • #1. You can download Slap KingsLatest APK by clicking on the link here.
  • #2. Once you download Slap Kings APK on to your phone, open file manager and click on install.
  • #3. Here, you might get a warning saying that you have to allow third-party apps to install. Click on install anyway.
  • #4. This will install the app.
  • #5. Once you install the Slap Kings Android, you can now play the game on your smartphones and tablets!

How to Install Slap Kings on PC using Bluestacks

If you’re bored of playing the game on a smaller screen, make it big with your PC by installing the game on your Windows system! It’s very easy to download Slap Kings on PC by following the below-given procedure.

  • #1. Download the latest version of Bluestacks. You can download it by clicking on this link here.
  • #2. Once you download Bluestacks. Launch the app from your PC.
  • #3. You can search for the game on Bluestacks and install it.
  • #4. Once Slap Kings is installed on Bluestacks, you can normally play like you would on your Android phone.


I’m someone who’s quite busy with work. I love finding new games and exploring the way they’re made. This game was exceptionally well made and was quite interesting as it was entirely an arcade game.

I love simple games like this without the hassle of registrations, long menus, long loading time and unnecessary ads. If you’re someone who wants to enjoy arcade games like this, then download Slap Kings Latest APK on your Android devices right away!

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