Shadow Fight 2 MOD Apk

Shadow Fight 2 MOD Apk
App NameShadow Fight 2
Publisher NEKKI
Size 180M
Latest Version 2.14.2
Category Fighting
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Compatible With 4.3 and Above
UpdateDecember 7, 2021 (7 months ago)

Shadow fight 2 mod apk: The best android game under fighting and arcade niche. It is nail-biting mixture of classical fighting and RPG. Shadow fight 2 mod apk allows the user to equip the character with unlimited weapons. This game is quite addictive and users are looking for unlimited money in this game. Here you can download the shadow fight 2 mod apk full version so easily. It is somehow different from others fighting games. If you are still not aware of it. Then you are surely under the rock.

The developer Nekki has created shadow fight 2 with a lot of effort. It is one of the best action game ever developed for android and IOS both. This game has quite eye-catching and amazing features. Which we are going to discuss below in detail. shadow fight 2 was released in 2015. And it has received a lot of appreciation from fans and even critics. The game was first developed for android and then IOS. You can easily download it from the play store or apple store according to your phone. But if you are looking to download shadow fight 2 mod apk for unlimited money to unlock all the features for this game. Then you are in right place.

Every one wishes to get free money for the game to unlock all the features.Such as using any new weapon or playing with new character etc.You can download shadow fight 2 mod apk to earn bonus points and coins unlimited.So here now we will discuss shadow fight 2 mod apk

Shadow Fight 2 MOD Apk

Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK Features

Before you download shadow fight 2 mod apk, you should have gone through the features once.So that user should be aware of what you will get after downloading it.

Newest Version :

We have added shadow fight 2 mod apk v 1.9.38 now. You can easily download the latest version and play without any hustle. Now don’t worry at all. enjoy the game now in no time.

Unlimited Coins and bonus :

This is one of the fest features in the mod version. More money more will be the pleasure and easiness to play shadow fight 2. More ever with unlimited coins, You will be able to buy all the gears and also the boosts that you can get without any hard work. It is amazing. Apparently, you will be lucky for this game and you are the real king for shadow fight 2 mod apk.

Receive Free Energy :

After downloading shadow fight 2 mod apk , you will not have to resist yourself for a day to refill the energy. Now it will be fulfilled in seconds. You don’t have to wait for long hours. As we all know finishing the fights with low energy is trouble. With shadow fight 2 mod apk , it is not your problem at all.

Unlimited access : 

As discussed above, with the shadow fight 2 mod apk version. You don’t have restrictions.Now you are saving your time and resources. You can access every feature you like while just lying in bed and playing the game all the time. Its amazing wow.If any of the stages is hard for you now, so just download it from below to access your favorite weapon.So that you can kill your opponent in shadow fight 2 easily.

Daily updates : 

Every feature is unlocked, Each and every weapon is accessible. But still you will be getting new updates if you will download shadow fight 2 mod apk from here.You will be getting daily updates on battle logs in order to get new hacks.

No Advertisement :

Main feature is no advertisement. Some times when you connect with internet to play shadow fight 2. you are facing difficulty to ads which are happening to slow the game as well. In Shadow fight 2 mod apk version, it will not be a problem at all. No ads will be shown what every you play. either you are connecting to internet or not. does not matter.

Time safety : 

As every equipment and fight mode is open. You will not have to wait now. One can save his/her time and play efficiently. You have unlimited money and you can buy energy as well if it required.

Shadow fight 2 cheats

 Another interesting feature is that you don’t have to go for shadow fight 2 cheats because you will already get unlimited coins. Just download now and enjoy the latest version

How to Download And Install Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk

Now the question arises, how to download shadow fight 2 mod apk full version.In order to get above features. You must have to download from this page.It is special version which has been hacked for you guys. Installing shadow fight 2 mod apk is the easiest task such as plug and play thing. There is nothing to worry about it at all. You just need to follow the easy steps given below to download shadow fight 2 mod apk full version. So here are the simple steps which you will have to follow.

  1. Download Shadow fight 2 mod apk from above button.
  2. Once the download is complete , Check in your downloads folder if you are from mobile or desktop.
  3. If you are downloading it from desktop then please attach your smart phone with your pc.
  4. All you will have to do is to just locate the shadow fight 2 mod apk file.
  5. Copy and paste it to your mobile folder.
  6. Now go to your file manager on your android phone.
  7. If you can not access your file manager. Then please download “File manager” from play store.
  8. Now the next step is touch the shadow fight 2 mod apk files to install.
  9. It will be small security check.By default any android device will ask you “are you sure to install the file” just click on yes.
  10. Shadow fight 2 mod apk will be installed in your phone simply.
  11. Now , Go to settings > apps > turn of updates for this game.
  12. If automatic update will be on , you will get some trouble.Because your mod apk will be replaced to new version of shadow fight  2 mod apk. And you will face difficulty because your all the bonus and coins will be lost.
  13. Now just play and enjoy the existing features of shadow fight 2 mod apk version.

What To Do if your Device Shows an Error ? Shadow fight 2 special edition NOT INSTALLED ?

Well this is very often that some times when you download any install any apk file from pc. Your phone shows an error that this specific apk game can not be installed.If you get such an error. You don’t have to worry at all. Just follow the simple steps for shadow fight 2 mod apk download in rooted phone.

Step 1 : Restart/Reboot your device

Now you will just have to reboot your device.It means turn off your phone and then start again. Because sometimes apps are not installing due to any residual caches. Once device is restarted, all caches are lost by default.SO, just install again shadow fight 2 mod apk. we hope you will get rid of the problem.

Step 2 : Uninstalling older version to get a newer version of the APK file.

It is also quite often that you have the older version of shadow fight 2 mod apk.Thats why some time you face difficulty.So, what you will have to do it uninstall the older version and download newer version of shadow fight 2 mod apk and your issue will be resolved.

Shadow fight 2 titan apk version information

As told above, It is developed by Nekki. It requires android version greater than or equal to 3.0 which is not any problem.Because each android phone now has at least 5.0 version which is lolipop.Shadow fight 2 mod apk versions are 1.9.37,1.9.38 which are the latest till date.To download shadow fight 2 , your phone must have at least 90 MB free space.As app size is 88.2 MB , but we should have 2 to 3 MB etc space in your device.

New Updates Of shadow fight 2 special edition

Every one has a question about its new updates changes.Now let me tell you in detail about shadow fight 2 recently changes and game plays etc.

  1. New weapons , armors are available for user now.
  2. Newest and modern costumes and helmets.
  3. It helps to defeat fight and protect from injuries.
  4. Chapter 7 for shadow fight 2 mod apk part 2 is also available.
  5. Chapter 7 includes two great fights.
  6. Groove challenges and space ships battles.
  7. User will also fight with Titan body guard at the end of 2 major battles in shadow fight 2 mod apk.
  8. After winning from Titan , you will have to fight with May. Which comes after titan and this character is in the spell.
  9. If you will win the fight. May will be free from titan spell.
  10. At the very end, last battle will be fought between you and the most evil character of shadow fight 2 mod apk which is titan him self.
  11. In this update, Game is quite exciting and you will see the major changes and updates in the end. But I hope you are not there in shadow fight 2 mod apk till now.
  12. The most important and interesting stage is volcano.
  13. volcano stage for shadow fight 2 mod is online version.
  14. its not like playing with friends only.
  15. In next shadow fight 2 mod apk version , you will be able to play underworld tournament online completely.

Difference between Shadow fight 2 and Shadow fight 3

Usually , game players love to play newer version of any game. But here it is totally different for shadow fight 2 mod apk. We have completed surveys and results are aweful. Online game players are still loving and playing shadow fight 2 and they don’t like the game play for shadow fight 3. Also, they include that it is more boring and we don’t like this update at all.

One more reason to love shadow fight 2 mod apk is its performance and compatibility.You can play easily this game in your smart phone having android version greater than 3.0 which i have mentioned above already. You will not have to buy any good specs phone which everyone can not afford.

In shadow fight 3 we are facing issues such as it is slow. display is good but now they are focusing on real character as compared to the shadow theme.Which people really don’t like at all.

People are saying and commenting on different social media platforms about it.They said they can play tekken or any other fighting game if we are fan of real characters.So we can conclude the million hits reason of shadow fight 2 mod apk which is simple now and understandable. This game got the fame because of its shadow theme. People are still loving to play newer version of shadow fight 2 mod apk. But they don’t want to play exactly shadow fight 3 till now.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk Game Play

Now let us discuss about shadow fight gameplays. It includes about the interface music sounds of shadow fight 2 mod apk and much more.It includes 2D graphic with shadow characters.This game has took the concept of other fighting games such as street fighter, king of fighter, tekken 3 etc etc. Though all the games has different characters but the theme is same.

Shadow fight 2 mod apk got fame due to its special appearance.Also, this game was specifically developed for mobile users. unlike other fighting games. So, by developer nekki, it was the bigger achievement for its first release. That is why game is still in the heart of the people and people are searching about shadow fight 2 mod apk download regularly.

In Shadow fight 2  Mod Apk game.There are two characters one is your and one is your opponent.Opponent character is played by your smart phone.With the new update, you can play online either.You must have to win 2 rounds to go to the next round.

How To Upgrade Show fight 2 Mod Apk Elements

This game contains RPG elements which allow the players to upgrade the elements such as helmets,costumes,arms etc.It costs from 1$ to onward.But for the shadow fight 2 mod apk version , you will not have to spend the money at all.All the elements are free for you.

  • Characters and Animations : The game characters are like vector based but the graphics are entirely real based.
  • Energy replenished : You can play upto 5 fights only in one energy level But this is for Shadow fight 2 original version. For shadow fight 2 mod apk version. There will be no issue for you ????
  • Increasing Energy : For original version , User will have to wait or to pay via money or gold to increase energy.
  • Achievements : The most core part of this game is achievements. Players earn money for completing different rounds and special tasks.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk

Special version was the last update before shadow fight 3.It was released in last year August 2017.There is no big difference in shadow fight 2 and shadow fight 2 special edition.It special version,Users are awarded frequently.And interface are quite same but there are more smaller and negligible changes.One bigger change they have introduced new story called as special wounds.It is the story of Younger Sensei.

Prequel of Shadow Fight 2 Game

In February 2011,  shadow fight 1 was released .It was Facebook based fighting game.The users could play with each others through Facebook online battles.It was available in different languages on Facebook such English,German,French,Italian etc etc.

Great players take risks every time.Therefore, Nekki the developer officially announced on twitter page.That the game will be officially soon.And in October,2017 , The developer shut down the servers permanently. Game earned a lot but it was gone from Facebook till end.

Sequel of Shadow Fight 2 (Nekki games)

Recently Shadow fight 3 is released.Which is more realistic character based.Though game players are not liking it.Due to its interface and theme.But always new version contains more stuff.So,We would recommend you to play 3rd part as well.

This game was not released all over the world at once.First it was released in Canada after beta-testing.Then in October 2017, It was released in India.Then at least.It was released all over the world in November 2017.

Different languages: Also, this game is available in different languages. Such as Chinese, Italian,Portuguese, English etc.

  • Developers : Though One person can not develop this game.But we just know one name Nekki.
  • Platforms : Android and IOS
  • Modes : Single player and multiplayer.

Ratings Of Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk Version

Different big owners of websites ratted this game pretty well.We have some lists down below.

  • Jason Parker (Cnet) : Owner of has really liked the game. He rated the game 8.3/10. He called it one of the best fighting game.
  • Rob Rich (Gamezbo) : Gamezbo is again one of the biggest site in game niche. He rated 3.5/5.Which is excellent score. They motivated the developer to develop new games as well.They also criticized him due to combat mechanics and imprecise controls.
  • Silviu Stahie (Softpedia) : He has really liked the game.Called it one of the best android fighting game as well. He quoted “It was easy to learn and master”.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk Modes

There are different modes of shadow fight 2 .Such as survivals, boss fights and tournaments etc. Let us discuss modes of shadow fight 2 mod apk in detail below.

  • Survival : For survival , player should play 10 successive rounds. After wining ten rounds in survival mode. User will get small amount of XP and some coins.
  • Boss Fights : For boss fights mode , The user will have to win from 5 body guards. With each body guard each match will be of 3 rounds. So there will be much more difficulty for the player of shadow fight 2 mod apk. Story is not over yet. After winning from five guards, The user will have to fight with demon boss. This fight contains 5 rounds. You mush have to win 3 rounds to get victory. And it is necessary for the game player to defeat demon. Other wise you will not move forward. The rewards are some coins , small amount of XP , fighting bonus along with some gems.
  • Tournament : The basic round of the game is Tournament. You will have to clear 24 stages. Each stage will have 3 rounds in shadow fight 2 mod apk. User will have to win 2 out of 3. Rewards for wining tournament of shadow fight 2 will be coins and XP also.
  • Duels : This mode is related to boss fights. After winning two body guards of demon boss. Duel mode will be unlocked. And the worst part is , it is compulsory to win 2 duels as well. Also , the rules and regulations for duels are changed as compared to other modes. Internet connection is required for shadow fight 2 mod apk duel rounds. And you can play once in 4 hours just. Rewards are smaller amount of XP and tickets for Ascension.
  • Challenges : Challenges are related to the tournament of shadow fight 2 mod apk. After unlocking 6 stages of tournament, Challenges modes will be available to play. You will have to play 24 stages and each stage has 3 rounds for challenges mode of shadow fight 2 mod apk. It is compulsory to win 2/3 rounds here as well. The reward is Gold and XP as well.
  • Old Wounds : Old wound level came up in special edition of shadow fight 2. After winning three stages of tournament. Shadow fight 2 old wound mode will be unlocked. You will control a sensei and for defeat of two body guards and semon boss, you will use his power. it is interesting. The max winning rounds should be 2. The rewards are also Xp , Gems and coins for old wounds.
  • Underworld: This mode is for multiplayer users. In this underworld mode, Players will make a team to defeat the demon bosses.
  • Challenger Fights: After user defeat the first body guard in boss fights level. Challengers can come any time during bodyguards fights. As the winning reward will be necessary and complimentary to defeat other body guards. So, you must have to defeat the challengers in order win other levels. The rewards for challenger fights are small amount of XP, fighter bonus and fighter weapons.
  • Ascension : You got the ticket as the reward for duels modes. The opponent will be ninjas. This would be interesting in shadow fight 2 mod apk. Fighting difficulty will be doubled. You will get spin after winning this level. Spin contains different rewards such as tickets, coins, various colors of enchantment orbs and monk equipment.
  • Gate Of Shadows :  After winning from shogun, The gate of shadows will take place. When shadow will about to close the gate, demon bosses for all the previous modes will be there. It is survival mode battle. The last one will be the winner. Winning rewards will be weapons of the bosses and enchantment.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk Common Questions

Every game or app has some problems which are always faced by the users. There are some common questions as well for shadow fight 2 mod apk. I am here to clear all your answers for this game. So here we go !

1. Can I get tutorials to play shadow fight 2  ?

Yes this game provide tutorial for the first time with every stage. If you already know how to play then you can just click on skip button and proceed.

2. I want to disable push notification ?

This option is not available inside of shadow fight 2 mod apk. But you can do this in your mobile settings. It is simple. just go to your mobile settings > notification > Push notifications > disable push notification for shadow fight 2 mod apk.

3. Do I need internet to Play shadow fight 2 apk ?

It depends on the modes. Some times it requires internet some times it does not. For additional data download, you will need an internet. For specific mode like duels, you will need internet. So we can conclude that, if you don’t have internet and you want to play shadow fight 2 mod apk version. You can play if you are not playing for the first time.

Shadow Fight 2 APK Tips And Tricks

The game is very interesting with cool features. You should know the Tips and Tricks to be the champion for shadow fight 2 game. Tips are shared by pro game players and some hidden tricks are given below as well.

  • Aim On Opponent’s Head : when you are playing shadow fight 2 mod apk. you are getting gems and all the components for free. But now the ball is in your court. You will have to win the battle by your own. For this, aim to head of an opponent. Try to aim the head with kick. First predict the moves then allow him to attack first. block and then do counter-attacking.
  • Understand The Control Systems: Always before fighting. Try to understand each and every control system. You will get to know the different moves and a better understanding for different shots. You should know the combo shots control as well. if the opponent is attacking you, go to the defensive mode. you just have to tap on the left button from your phone screen.
  • Attack With Courage : When attacking to opponent, always fight with courage. don’t stop untill he is dead. if you will leave the controls they will start attacking you and you will lost the fight.So it is necessary for shadow fight 2 apk user to play with courage.
  • Replay When Lost : When you are loosing the battles. Stop playing and just replay the last fight. See the mistakes you did in the last game. Cheer up and play again. You will notice the improvements in your next game. So it is quoted that “No one can defeat you untill you lose by your own

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk Version Suggestions

  • Unlock New weapons : When you are moving to advance levels. You will notice that your weapons are not performing well. So you should upgrade your weapons to get better wins. In iOS version of shadow fight 2, you don’t have to win the battles or to pay for the weapons. You are getting unlimited money for free. So you can upgrade the weapons by your own.
  • Keep Playing : Don’t accept the defeat while you are loosing continuously. Fight till you win. don’t be panic. just notice your mistakes and be calm. Then see what happens. You will not loose much in shadow fight 2 mod apk version because of upgraded weapons.
  • Mixing Up Moves : Try to kill the opponent with mix moves. like with punches and kicks. Also with the combo shots. More you will go for combo shots, more are the chances for you to win the battle. As your opponents will understand and picks all of your moves. Because due to artificial intelligence, opponent of any game will adopt your moves and will attack you with double power.
  • Keep The Distance From Opponent : Don’t stand too close while playing. Take some space from your opponent. Because when he will attack, you will have a chance to defend your self. one other benefit is, chances for damaging your health will be lesser. Also you will get time for counter attack.
  • Turn of Sound or Music : If you want to play in peace and enjoy shadow fight 2 all act unlocked. keep in mind that you should turn off or low down sound level. because music some times divert your attention. And sometimes you get panic with continuous same music or sound. better to play your playlist and play the game in peace.
  • No Time Battles : In other fighting games like tekken 3 or king of fighters. You have the chance to win the battle if time ends. So one can just block itself to save the energy. Mean while when time will end, you will end up with winning and will move to next round. But in shadow fight 2, there is no time battle. There is only one way to win the round is to kill your opponent only. So its a do or die situation.

Conclusion : 

I hope we have discussed each and everything about shadow fight 2 mod apk. You can simply download and install. in this article, Each and every step is discussed thoroughly for you guys. Still, if you have any queries, you are welcome to comment down or just contact us directly. Share this article on social media as much as you want. Share the game with your friends. keep playing and don’t forget to give us your feedback. Cheers ????

Disclaimer: We don’t recommend or encourage to modded any game for any reason. This article is just for educational purposes only. You should know the difference between shadow fight 2 and shadow fight 2 mod apk. We don’t have any rights at all for this game.

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