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App NameSD Maid Pro - Unlocker
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Compatible With5.0+
UpdateNovember 21, 2021 (7 months ago)

Sd Maid Pro is one of the best android cleaners that comes with lots of new tools that can improve your Android smartphone and tablets in lots of ways. For starters, SD Maid Pro APK allows its users to scan and detect all the junk files which are of no use and just become resistant for the other files to function properly. SD Maid Pro apk features can easily delete all those junk files and make room for other useful files and improve the performance of your android device.

SD Maid can do, a lot more and if you want to know about it then stick to this article. We will also guide you about how Anyone can download this app on your android device but also use its app efficiently.

The competition in the Android manager and cleaner department is very tough, and there are countless amount of apps just in the Google Play Store, that claim that they are the best android cleaner.

So it becomes automatically very hard for someone who is not familiar with the android cleaner to choose the best or one of the best android cleaner app. This is why sites like these are beneficial to know which app to go for rather than trying out tens of apps first and then going for one.

SD Maid Pro APK


SD Maid Pro is a plugin for SD Maid, and you need to have both apps installed in your android device to avail all the greatness of SD Maid Pro unlocker. SD Maid is an Android app that is not yet available on iOS.Now let’s talk about how you can download this app.


  1. Using your Android device, open google chrome.
  2. Go to download page – Click here
  3. Now hit the search button and let the website load completely.
  4. You will see a download button in the website, you just have to tap on it, and the download of SD Maid Pro unlocker Apk will start.
  5. When the apk is downloaded, you just need to open it from the notification bar or from download files.
  6. Now install SD Maid Pro, and your SD Maid will get “Pro” status.

Make sure that you have downloaded SD Maid beforehand. You can SD Maid Pro APK Download from the Google Play store for free however if you want to download SD Maid from a third-party website, we got you covered.

enable all features


  1. Open the Google Chrome app using your Android device.
  2. Simply go to this URL by pasting it in the address bar.
  3. Tap on the download version to start downloading the SD Maid Apk. This website is for downloading SD maid
  4. Now install the Apk file after it is downloaded and you will be able to use SD Maid in your Android.

SD main has some fantastic features which will make a great impression on you. If you have already used any Android cleaner before then let me tell you one thing that SD Maid Pro APK is not like other Android cleaners with fancy animation which convinces the user that SD Maid Pro is actually working and cleaning your Android. However, the truth is that those Android cleaners exaggerate the animation, and the actual cleaning is not as prominent.

sd maid pro


SD Maid Pro focuses on working into the system without showing any fancy animation to convince the user. So how does it clean your Android? Let’s look at the features of SD Maid Pro.

  1. Overview -This is a fundamental feature, but lots of Android cleaner and managers fail to implement this feature. So basically SD Maid has an overview feature that gives you brief information about the Android device. This is very useful who would like to know everything about the Android device in which they are running SD maid Pro. Overview feature gives information such as the device name, Android version it is running, processor, ram and manufacture date, etc.
  2. Explorer – this is also one of the feature or tool which most of the Android cleaners does not provide, a full-fledged Android explorer.SD Maid has a file explorer built into the app, which eliminates the purpose of having a separate file manager. This explorer in SD maid Pro APK allows its user to navigate through any files that the user desire to access and take available actions with it. You can easily move, copy and cut files and paste it to different directories inside this explorer. You can do a lot more with explorer, and it is located on the left side of the home screen.
  3. Powerful Research – Powerful research is a feature that allows the user to search for any specific file using the advanced search tool that is implemented by the developers. Normally you will see one blank section to type the word that you want to search, but with powerful research, you get “Name,” “content,” and “date.” You can also use * and ? as wildcards.
  4. App Control – App control is an important tool that controls all the installed apps and lets you take action with any of the app. You can easily clear cache, disable or force shut down any installed app so that you can improve performance by clearing up ram and creating storage in your device.If you want access to all the apps, including system apps with the App control feature, then your Android device needs to be rooted.
  5. Remove duplicate files –Android operating system is not perfectly optimized, which brings out a series of issues including the inability to remove all files of a particular app when uninstalling.This result in storing unnecessary files and when you re-install the same files, you get duplicate files which are filling up your storage for no useful reason and bogging up your device performance. SD Maid Pro duplicate features scans for all the files in your storage and takes out all the duplicate files and delete it instantly.
manage apps


People who have installed SD Maid Pro APK and have been using it regularly know that this app delivers more than one purpose of using app. So before you want to know how to use SD maid pro, you should know why you should want to use SD Maid?

For starters, SD Maid is blatant and honest; it does not gives false information or exaggerate any feature. SD Maid app information on the google play store gives you correct information which can disappoint someone, but they don’t want to raise any false hope to its users.

You can also help the developers by mailing them about any issue you faced during the usage. The developers bring bug fixes and new features with their updates, and it works really well with all the things they do within the app.

Most users will install the app because they want to clean their devices. So let’s look at how they can clean their device using SD Maid Pro Apk.

  1. You need to install SD Maid and SD maid APK in your android device.
  2. Open SD Maid app, and you will see the homepage of SD Maid.
  3. There is a green button at the bottom of the screen, which initiates all the tools to start doing what they do. It starts scanning your whole device and detects junk files, report files, files that are not useful like apks and duplicate files, etc.
  4. After the scanning is done, you can simply tap on “execute” to start deleting all type of files which SD maid has blacklisted and start optimizing your device’s database.

SD Maid Pro is very easy to use, and cleaning your app can be easily done with the steps given below. If you want to perform any specific tool, then you go to the left side of the screen where all the tools are available. You can select any tool by tapping on it and pressing the green button to start scanning your device with one particular tool only.

Apart from scanning and cleaning, you can also have an overview and use the explorer tool.

Follow the steps to use the Overview feature

  1. Open SD Maid app on your android device.
  2. Tap on the top left corner to open the left section; the first option will be “overview.”
  3. Select overview and tap on the button to start SD Maid Pro APK read your device.
  4. Now you will see an overview of your device on the main screen.

Follow the steps to use explorer on SD Maid

  1. Open SD maid app.
  2. Tap on the three lines on the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Go to explorer.
  4. Simply tap on the green button, and the app will ask for a few permissions which you need to grant.
  5. After granting permission, you will be able to access the file manager of your device storage.


Almost anyone of us who owns an Android device would blindly go for an app that improves the performance of Android devices along with some additional features like clearing junk files and improving battery life etc. Who wouldn’t want to do that with their android phone? The problem is that the number of apps that claim to provide such features is endless, so it is hard to go for an app.

SD Maid Pro is an app that stands out the most in our usage with a handful of popular android cleaning app. So what makes it stand out from the app? Let’s look at the benefits of using SD Maid Pro APK Pro.

SD Maid pro focuses on the longevity of your phone performance and its database. This means that it does not boost up your phone temporarily by killing some apps from the background which will run automatically after some time.

removes leftovers


SD Maid has worked its way up to the top by providing regular updates and being open to its community. They also listen to their users by providing their email where anyone can complain about any issues they might be facing with SD Maid.

With Android becoming smarter with each generation, SD Maid developers have worked with their app according to the new android environment and the compatibility of the app.

Most of the newer versions of SD maid will work with older versions of Android. The latest version of SD maid, which is compatible with Android 4.2 Jelly bean and above. This version includes some bug fixes, small UI improvements, set up related issues, and new clutter data.

The other versions of SD maid Pro APK which are V4.14.23 and V4.14.22 are very similar to the latest version. Anyone who uses any one of these versions won’t see any difference unless they know about it or use it as a review.

V4.14.23 and 4.14.22 have improved ACS-based deletion speed, small UI improvements, new clutter data, improved SD Maid pro check, bugs fixes, crash fixes, improved app launch, App Cleaner, and corpse Finder. These are all the improvements and upgrades that you will see if you are using any version which was launched before these versions.

free your system


In this article, I will tell you two methods to download SD Maid Pro. One of the methods will be paid for, and the other will be absolutely free. If you are unaware, then let me tell you that SD Maid Pro unlocker which gives the “pro” status along with additional feature cost some bucks which some people don’t want to spend money on. That is why we will also tell you the method which includes a free download of SD Maid Pro.


The first method is, and you do not have to know any technical knowledge about Android. If you have been downloading apps before then, this should be easy.

  1. Using your Android smartphone, open up the Google play store. Make sure you have your data On or wifi is connected.
  2. Now type “SD Maid” in the search bar and hit on the search button.
  3. Now you will SD Maid at the top of the search result. Enter the app and simply tap on the install button.
  4. Now the app will start installing in your Android, and once it is installed, the app will be available in your app drawer.
  5. Now you need to download the pro version of SD Maid which is also available in Google play store. SO search for “SD Maid pro APK unlocker.”
  6. You will see the pro version in your search result. Simply tap on it.
  7. Now, this is where you need to prepare your bank account. Since this is a paid app, you need to purchase the app from Google Play Store. There are many options to pay for apps, including Google Play balance or using any other national bank.
  8. Tap on “Purchase” and select the mode of purchase.
  9. Pay the amount, and the app will start installing in your android smartphone.

This was the paid version, which is more legit, and you have an advantage from google terms and security. So I would recommend you to purchase the app rather than going for third-party sites to get the app for free. Purchasing the app also helps the developers to give more helpful updates in the future for its customer or user.

Now let’s look at the method by which you can download SD Maid Po APK and SD Maid pro unlocker for free. Yes, you don’t have to pay any money. If you are searching for ways to download SD Maid Pro version for then, you are at the right place because I will provide the link where you can download this app for free unlike paying for the app when downloading from the Google Play store.



SD Maid is an app that takes a different approach to clean your Android and improve the quality of your Android in every aspect possible. The app looks at your internal storage, including your SD card and finds out all the files which you will not need. By removing such files, there is no doubt that there will be a little too significant improvement in your android performance.

You cannot compare the effect of SD maid in a particular device to your own device since everyone uses their phone differently and has different sets of apps. The network you are on also plays a major role in differentiating your device. On top of that, anyone could be using any smartphone that can run SD Maid Pro APK.

I would recommend you to use SD Maid on your own before you make any decision by reading any reviews about the app. There is also no harm in using other android cleaner apps, which can also provide benefits to your Android. It depends on you to decide how you want to clean your Android and to notice the changes that the app brings to your device.

SD Maid is one of the best Android cleaners and managers for an Android operating system if not the best. It does not take much storage and ram of your android device. You can also get access to the pro version for free with the links that we provide so that you can try the app and can help you figure out whether you want to use this app further or not.

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