Rebel Racing MOD APK v1.92.14428 For Android

rebel racing mod apk
App Name Rebel Racing
Publisher Hutch Games
Size 365M
Latest Version 2.30.15391
Category Racing
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Compatible With 4.3 and Above
UpdateNovember 22, 2021 (9 months ago)

Rebel Racing is the most challenging racing game in history. The game features various cars, tracks, and opponents that will keep you on your toes. You can customize everything from your vehicle to the difficulty level, with over ten different options at each step.APK also has an easy-to-use interface for beginners or experienced players alike.

What Is Rebel Racing APK?

Rebel Racing is a racing game for Android that features many different modes and challenges. The player has to race against opponents to reach the finish line first, earning more points than other drivers along the way also lets players customize their car with over 15 options, so it can be as unique as you want.

Rebel Racing MOD APK

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Features Of Rebel Racing APK

  • Supercars To Choose:-Rebel Racing lets you choose from a variety of cars, including supercars like the Audi R18. You can customize your car any way you want with different colors and add-ons to make it truly unique.
  • Easy Navigation:Rebel Racing has an easy-to-use interface that makes it suitable for beginner players. If you’re more experienced, also gives the option to customize your controls and difficulty level also has an easy-to-use interface for beginners or experienced players alike
  • Fully Customizable Cars:-Rebel Racing lets you customize your car in any way. You can adjust the color, add-ons like spoilers, and rims to make it truly unique or even change how difficult Rebel Racing is by changing settings such as speed and acceleration.
  • Multiple Game Modes:-You have a choice of three different game modes: Easy Drive, Quick Race, and Career Mode. If you’re a beginner, Easy Drive is the perfect model for you to practice your skills on different types of terrain, such as off-road or ice-covered courses.
  • Worlds Best Drivers: You can race against the best drivers in Rebel Racing, including Mario Andretti and Derek Bell.
  • In-Game Tutorials:-This has a tutorial that helps you get started on your way to becoming a pro racer. No prior experience? The tutorials will teach you how to drive!
  • Super Graphics And Visual Effects:-This have a very realistic graphics engine that allows you to experience the thrill of racing in spectacular detail. also features real-time visual effects such as lens flare, motion blur, and day/night transitions.
  • Full Game Coverage:-We’ve provided complete coverage for Rebel Racing APK so gamers can find out what this game is all about.
  • Real-World Licensed Cars:-If you like cars, this APK has a lot of them. You can drive 25 different licensed race cars in the game, including Porsche, Audi, and Nissan.
  • Pickup Truck Races:-Rebel Racing features pickup truck races with off-road courses worldwide, such as Nevada Desert Race or Argentina Mountain Race.
  • Experience Epic Moments:-variety of race types, including drift racing and time trial. so that you can experience epic moments in these different types of racing.
  • Super Sound Quality:-Rebel Racing features rich and immersive sound effects so that you can enjoy the game’s beautiful graphics.
  • Mysterious Roads:-There are no set paths in Rebel Racing. The roads follow the contours of natural world landscapes and change as if they were being affected by erosion.
  • Offline Playmode Supported:-You can play offline without an internet connection while still progressing your career mode, which is an excellent feature!
  • Interesting Missions:-Complete missions to unlock new racing events and even get a chance to win some of the most coveted cars in this game.
  • Upgradeable Parts:-Each car has upgradeable parts, including engines that affect performance on the track and suspension upgrades that keep your ride stable through rough terrain. You will also need upgraded tires not to lose grip when braking or accelerating hard around corners. Each part is upgradable at a specific level making it worthwhile trying out various combinations until you find the one right for you.
  • Free To Play:-Rebel Racing is free to play! There are in-app purchases that you can buy, but they will never give an unfair advantage over other players.
  • No Ads:-There’s no need for adverts because Rebel Racing has a one-time purchase with absolutely nothing extra to pay later. This means there are also no annoying pop-ups every few minutes or hours like some of the games out there, so you can enjoy your racing game without interruption from ads!
  • Rich Features:-A variety of cars, including SUVs, trucks, and sedans – each with upgradeable parts such as engine upgrades & suspension upgrades, which help drivers maintain control during fast driving maneuvers around corners.
  • Rebel Racing has various cars, tracks, and opponents that will keep you on your toes.
  • You can customize everything from your car to the difficulty level with over ten different options at each step.

FAQs On Rebel Racing APK

#1. How do you get unlimited money in rebel racing?

You can buy the game with real money. features a variety of in-app purchases, such as buying new cars or upgrading existing ones. But you’ll have to win races and earn gold coins to get them!

#2. Is the Rebel racing game free?

Yes, it is free. But there are some in-app purchases like buying new cars or upgrading existing ones.

#3. Is Rebel racing good?

It depends on you. You can try out the game to see for yourself.

#4. Is Rebel Racing Multiplayer?

No, you can’t play multiplayer in Rebel Racing.

#5. How do you get more gas in game?

You can get more gas by upgrading cars. You can also upgrade your racing skills by completing the missions and challenges in Rebel Racing, which will make it easier to earn gold coins.


Rebel Racing APK is one of the best racing games on mobile devices today. It features realistic graphics, exciting races, and fantastic cars! Download this game now for free from our given link.

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