Opera Mini Mod APK for Android

App NameOpera Mini
Publisher Opera
Size 14MB
Latest Version58.0.2254.58441
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UpdateDecember 7, 2021 (1 month ago)

Opera mini has been the lightest, fastest and most download mobile browser since the time it’s released. It’s been updating itself every time with cool new added upgrades and supports. Now, it has hit the Android Market with its new Opera Mini .

This stunning mobile browser supports Video Streaming, HTML5, and Flash too. Amazingly, this requires only one-tenth of your phone’s bandwidth. And when compared to its closest competitor Dolphin Browser, both are good in equipping all possible web browser components into the mobile version.

Opera Mini Mod

Opera Mini Mod

Opera Mini is simple and clean in its design and is easy to browse and navigate. With the “O” in the bottom navigation bar, it has provided a better space for the web page and stored all the other menus under the “O” button. And under the setting’s menu, there’s also a MOBILE VIEW to convert the static web pages into mobile-friendly ones. As we know, this browser supports text wrapping, image quality, and all.

The double-tap zoom feature is just beautiful. Everyone’s wondering how Opera is providing a full-screen page view without any navigation and status bars. As we’re comparing this Opera to Dolphin, one important thing that Dolphin lacks is the on-page search, where you can search for a specific term on that page.

And when we talk about the Search Engine thing, Opera allows us to select the directory we want (Google, Wikipedia, IMDb etc…). At least we can get what we want here.

Every time we open the browser, we can arrange the list of our favorite web pages on the Speed Dial and can rush to them with a single tap. It’s almost similar to the Top Pages thing on Safari, Chrome Web Browsers. It’s actually a great way to populate our feeds.

Opera Mini Mod

In this generation of web and mobile browsers, the biggest drawback of Opera will be the Add-on support. Opera’s been in the market for quite a long time, but it’s not included in the add-on feature in any of its versions.

Both the other competitor’s Firefox and Dolphin do support add-ons for their browsers. Though, Opera is the only browser that supports surfing the Google marketplace on mobile where some of the international users can’t browse it in general.

Whatever the gadget you’re using, you can access Opera on it. Opera is available for Tablets, Desktops, Mobiles, and for every smartphone.

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