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UpdateNovember 24, 2021 (1 week ago)

Brawl Stars is a game where you use your skills and weapons to fight against other players. The private servers on this platform are completely different from the public version of Brawl Stars, because they cannot be found on Google Play, nor will any website hosting them offer direct links for downloading or installing mods like many do with regular brawl stars apps. It is officially called the Nulls brawl. In this article, we have provided nulls brawl original apk, from which you can enhance your gameplay.

Some Great features of Nulls Brawl


In this Nulls brawl stars game, you will form a team with two random individuals or ask your friends to compete in a 3 minute match against another team of three players. You have complete freedom in selecting your brawlers. You must fulfil the objective, which varies depending on the game mode. You will receive trophies if you win the match. Gain more trophies to advance in your league and unlock more brawlers as well as goodies such as brawl boxes, mega boxes, and money. The total trophies you get are the sum of the awards you earn from each brawler. Your opponents will be determined by your current brawler’s trophies. As a result, when you play with a new brawler, your opponents will be using new brawlers as well.

Easy controls

The controls are easy to use and may be customised. To move the character, use the movement pad in the lower corner. A red button may be seen in the bottom right corner. To quickly shoot, tap that button. Quickfire strikes the nearest adversary at all times. You may also hold the button down and manually aim. Thrower-type brawlers benefit from manual aiming and firing. Near the red button, there is also a green and a skull button. You may utilise the gadget with the green button, and the brawler’s super attack with the golden skull button.

nulls brawl apk

Unlock all brawlers

In addition, the Nulls Brawl APK unlocks all brawlers’ box features, allowing you to play with more soldiers. So just unlock a limitless number of boxes, expand your soldiers, and win every round while having fun. The good news is that you don’t need to root your smartphone; simply download and install the app properly, and you’ll have access to all of the current features for free.

Create your own clan

Do you want to start a Clan in Nulls Brawl Star APK? If so, I’d like to chat with you about it. However, these capabilities are only accessible for this Private Server APK, so download it immediately and play with infinite stuff, as well as build a clan and play with your buddies.

Smooth server

The previous version of the Private Server APK was not steady or light, however the good news is that the new version APK is more secure and smooth. If you want to play on a stable server with no lag, using Nulls Brawl Star APK is the best choice. Here you may play faster and more reliably than on other servers.

Grab gems

In the middle of the arena, there is a gem mine that generates one gem at a time. To win the match, your team must acquire 10 gems and hold them for 15 seconds. The contest has a three-minute time restriction. The match will be a tie if no team has the 10 gems in the last seconds.

nulls brawl apk

Graphics and compatibility

The aesthetics and playability are both fantastic. This game can be played on a low-end Android handset because it uses less RAM memory. Completing activities and earning trophies will earn you unique gifts. You’ll come upon the trophy path, which offers a plethora of fantastic rewards.

Knockout mode

Supercell has added a new mode called Knockout Mode. It’s a 3v3 game with a three-round best-of-three format and a three-minute knockout mode. You must eliminate all of the adversaries in order to complete the game. To win the match, you must win two rounds. If time runs out, the round is won by the side with the most players still alive. If both teams have the same number of players alive, the team that deals the most damage wins the round.

Power league

A new mode called Power League has also been added to the Null brawls stars game. It’s a mix of all the previous game modes. In any of the modes and maps, you’ll face off against other teams at random. First, the game mode is chosen at random. Then one brawler from each squad can be banned. Following that, each side will select a brawler one by one. You also can’t choose a brawler who has been banned or chosen by another squad. The winner will be the side that wins two matches in the specified mode. Win games to improve your power league during the season. When the season is over, you’ll receive star coins based on your greatest season rank.


On both sides, there will be a treasury. The match will be won by the side that breaks the opposing team’s treasury first. If the time limit is reached, the team that inflicts the most damage on the other’s treasury is declared the winner.

Siege machines

On both sides, there is a siege machine. Over time, nuts will appear in the arena at random locations. Teams that collect the most nuts will have a robot assault the opponent’s siege machine from their side. There will be a maximum of three robots summoned. Destroy the opponent’s siege machine or do more damage than them if time runs out to win the game.


Download the latest version of Nulls Brawl APK for Android, which has limitless everything and a solid server. I’ve also gone through all of the features of this Private Server Nulls brawl in great depth. So, if you still have any worries regarding this APK, please leave a comment below and I will do my best to respond.

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