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talking tom 2 mod apk
App NameMy Talking Tom 2
PublisherOutfit7 Limited
Latest Version2.9.3.1493
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Compatible With6.0 and up
UpdateNovember 27, 2021 (10 months ago)

My Talking Tom 2 is the successor to the first game, and it now offers more fun and thrilling possibilities for players when caring for Tom or playing with him. More activities, games, and new toys will now be available to engage Tom in infinite enjoyment and affection. The reappearance of this second portion also allows the player to import data from prior games, allowing them to skip forward in the game and maintain their progress.

Some Great features of My Talking Tom 2

Take care of the cat

Because you are the cat’s master, it is your obligation to care for your cat. It’s the same as if you were caring for a living cat. It provides a lot of choices for feeding, bathing, and other necessary things for your lovely kitty. Keep moving, feed your cat on schedule, and monitor his sleep cycle to ensure he gets the rest he needs.

 talking tom 2 Take care of the cat

Easy and simple

This game is incredibly simple to play, which is why youngsters enjoy it. The gameplay is basic and straightforward. To play this game, all you have to do is touch on the screen or swipe your finger left to right. As a result, you should have no trouble enjoying this game.

easy and simple My Talking Tom 2

Great interaction

In talking tom 2, the player’s contact with Tom is seamless and fluid, allowing them to tease him in a more vibrant and enjoyable manner. The player may poke Tom at any time during the game, which increases the fun metre and allows the player to see his numerous cute moods. Aside from the tease, players may engage in a variety of actions to generate a variety of eye-catching and appealing results.

Great interaction

Unlimited mini games

If players wish to play with Tom more easily, everyday tasks in My Talking Tom 2 are a good source of fun. Mini-games, on the other hand, are a good alternative because they provide players with a lot of goodies to look after or unlock new material to make Tom happy. The look and diversity of mini-games are also regarded as the crown jewels of the game, as they are as easy as they are comprehensive.

Unlimited mini games

Change outfits

Fashion is a terrific addition to the game since it allows the player to amass a variety of outfits to personalise Tom’s appearance. Because all of the outfits are based on real-life examples, the style is diverse, and players have a lot of fun designing the fashionable set. Furthermore, these clothes may be used in a variety of different activities, demonstrating Tom’s wealthy and gorgeous lifestyle.

Cook delicious foods

Tom will occasionally become hungry and request that the player feed him to his heart’s content, and any sort of food or Tom’s preference will suffice. Tom occasionally like particular meals, such as snacks or beverages, and the player must serve them exactly as instructed in order to get more incentives and adoration from Tom. In addition, players may collect a variety of ingredients, prepare delectable dishes, and feed Tom epic banquets.

Cook delicious foods

Customize pet house

Players in My Talking Tom 2 may now customise every aspect of the house, including the furnishings, backdrop, carpet, and much more, with a variety of possibilities. Above all, many distinctive themes will be excellent choices for gamers looking for a lovely home in a specific style or location. The design of the house may impact Tom’s attitude and lift his energy and enjoyment to new heights depending on the season.

Unlimited money

Stars aren’t the only game money in My Talking Tom 2, since coins are required for the majority of transactions. You’ll need hundreds of coins to buy eatables, wearables, and in-home things, which appear to be difficult to come by through quests. So what we’re doing is giving you the My Talking Tom 2 APK, which comes with an unlimited amount of money. Furthermore, because they are validated coins, you will not be stressed, and you will be able to play online games with them.

Unlimited money

Ad free UI

Money isn’t the only issue in My Talking Tom 2, because ads also have a significant impact on the user’s mood. It’s one of the biggest reasons why many people delete the game after only a few days of play.

However, after you’ve downloaded My Talking Tom 2 to your smartphone, you’ll be able to play the most comfortable UI with no interruptions. This updated software includes an ad-blocker code, so you won’t need to download anything else thereafter. Isn’t that convenient?


Tom has the ability to travel. Is it possible that you misheard? You didn’t do it. Tom will earn a plane ticket to go wherever he wants after each level. There you may purchase Tom’s dishes, decorations, and apparel.

The player’s biggest thrill in My Talking Tom 2 is purchasing unusual clothing and trying them on for Tom. Each is appropriate for a distinct topic, however numerous themes can be used in a single set. Do you want to buy a King’s robes or an extraterrestrial suit? You may also customize Tom’s living area, washroom, dining, and bed as you see fit.

Graphics and sound

In comparison to the previous edition, the game’s visuals haven’t changed significantly. The game has vibrant colours and excellent 3D visuals. Tom is still as charming and amusing as he was in the first film. My Talking Tom’s ability to imitate human speech is a key feature. While playing My Talking Tom 2, Tom may mock every phrase you say in a high-pitched voice.


My Talking Tom 2 is a pleasant and entertaining simple game in which the player controls Tom, a wicked and infantile character. Its features and activities, on the other hand, are interesting and provide players with lots of possibilities to witness all of Tom’s faces as he receives goodies or fulfils mini-game objectives. I think it is the best successor of talking tom in terms of tasks, activities and UI. So what are you waiting for? Just go and download talking tom 2.My Talking Tom 2 MOD Download

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