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App NameJTWhatsApp
Publisher WAMODs
Size 40 MB
Latest Version 9.21
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Compatible With6.0 and up
UpdateAugust 17, 2022 (1 month ago)

Today technology has brought a significant change in the life of people around the world. To make traveling easy 1st the scientists discover a car, bus, etc. For entertainment, they find out social mobile phones, laptops, etc.

New machines are introduced to our lives. While to make communication easier, advanced devices such as mobile phones, Telephones, and so on are introduced.

Do you know what JTWhatsApp is? And who uses this but before knowing all further info, let’s first look at how we can connect each other extremely fast on social media from far away.

However, as the scientists enlisted communicative devices, then, later on, they worked hard for the next invention that changed the whole universe. This invention is a curtain-raiser of internet access.

Due to this, we can quickly contact our dears around the world. This is now the age of social media. Phone calls are turned to WhatsApp, Skype, Telegrams, and many other websites. Among these sites, WhatsApp is very commonly used by us. And considered most favorable among other chatting apps.

What is JTWhatsApp?

JTWhatsApp is the new and advanced version of the original WhatsApp. This new version was introduced by Jim El Rezzi, JiMods. This version has extra features that lack the original one.

Certainly, WhatsApp is considered one of the best-chatting sites across the world. Every coming day new features are added to it to make it more advanced according to the world’s situations and have all the existing features that are needed for the development of WhatsApp.

Furthermore, JTWhatsApp has all the modern features that one user wants in the original version. For example, the users want to hide their online status, block the contacts, read deleted messages, etc. All these features are added to this modified WhatsApp to make it favorable for the users.

The Modern Features of JTWhatsApp

WhatsApp is commonly referred to as a popular chatting app around the world. Several developers introduced different versions of original WhatsApp, such as GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, and JTWhatsApp. Some of the famous and modern features are given below;

Status Mod

The advanced feature of the status mod is that you can disable the last seen, blue recipient, typing, and many more options are related to it. The users can easily disable it if they want that no one can see the last seen, whether the message is seen or not.

Status Mod JTWhatsApp

Lock Mod

For users’ privacy, JTWhatsApp provides the feature of lock mode where the users can easily lock their chats or app. Users can be use pins, passwords, or pattern for the app to unlock it.

Lock Mod JTWhatsApp

Themes Choices

The original version of WhatsApp lacks this feature of themes options, while JTWhatsApp gives you the chance to change the themes. The users can choose their favorite color for the interface of WhatsApp.

Themes Choices JTWhatsApp

To Share Greater Files

Most users cannot share more excellent files on the original version, while JTWhatsApp provides an opportunity to share more excellent files about 700 MB to 1 GB. The developer added this feature in this new version to catch up the attention of new users.

To Share Greater Files JTWhatsApp

Privacy of the User

One of the remarkable features of the JTWhatsApp is that it gives you the ability to privatize all the options. Allow your good contacts to watch your status, profile picture, and other activities. You can easily lock it by not allowing others to interfere in your personal life.

Several Languages

The best feature of this new version is that it furnishes several languages in one chatting app. Now the users do not need to download extra keyboards for different languages.

This feature of several languages is lacking in the original one. Still, the JT developer introduced this feature in JTWhatsApp to make it easier for the users to use all the languages on one keyboard.

Addition of Fresh Emoji

For the expression of emotion, emojis are present in each version of WhatsApp, but the similarity between them is that they are old emojis and are commonly used. While JTWhatsApp has the fantastic feature of adding new emoji in this version. These emojis can clearly express your thoughts to the receivers.

Chat Hide Option

Another advanced feature of this new and modern version of WhatsApp is that you can easily hide your chat as other versions of WhatsApp do not have this feature of hiding a conversation. At the same time, JTWhatsApp users enjoy this fantastic aspect in this new version.

To Hide Typing

If the users do not want to show the typing above the chat, they can easily hide it. But the users will also be unable to see another person’s typing.

To Hide Read Status

This new feature of hiding the read status is a rare and fresh feature that other versions lack. JTWhatsApp is considered a fantastic version because it has all the advanced features that different versions lack, like hiding the read status.

Save Story Button

The old versions of WhatsApp do not have this feature of saving stories, while JTWhatsApp is a remarkable version that allows you to save stories without downloading WhatsApp status saver. You can easily save your favorite status in the same app.

To Change Launcher Icon

It is prevalent that when we forward a message, the message sent is written, which shows that it is a forwarded message. But if the users do not want it, then in this version, such an option is given to them that they clear change the launcher icon.

Block Call for Specific Contact

If you do not want to talk to a specific contact, then the most excellent option of blocking the call of that contact. JTWhatsApp provides you with the remarkable feature of blocking unwanted connections quickly. That the other person is unable to contact you anymore.

How to Download and Install JTWhatsApp?

Like the original WhatsApp, this new version of WhatsApp is not available in the google play store. If one is interested in downloading JTWhatsApp, they should easily download it from the APK files available in Chrome.

And take a backup from the previous WhatsApp, uninstall it, install this new version on your phone and restore your data. You can also use it as an alternative WhatsApp. This is a fantastic version introduced by Jim El Rezzi to make it easier for the users.

Pro Steps of Downloading or Installing the JTWhatsApp

It is straightforward to download and install this advanced version of WhatsApp. You just have to follow the following steps.

  1. Open Chrome and search for the JTWhatsApp in the search bar.
  2. Download the new version from apk files.
  3. Now click on the install option.
  4. After installation is completed, open it.
  5. Allow to all the permission.
  6. Click on agree and continue option.
  7. The next step is to register your phone number in the app.
  8. Now click on the Next button. The code will be sent to you on your sim.
  9. Finally, verify it and start your new version of WhatsApp.

How to Use the JTWhatsApp?

Likewise, another previous version of WhatsApp, JTWhatsApp, is also used easily. But some advanced and unique features make it different from others.

Some of the modern features that lack other versions are very quickly enabled without taking help from any third party. This unique version will fulfill all the possible desires that you for. And will help you in nourishing your status.

Pro Steps of Using JTWhatsApp

This can be simply used like another version. But some modern features that are present in JTWhatsApp while others lack it are discussed below. The following steps will give you information about those unique options and their use.

To Lock a Chat

  • Open the conversation which you want to lock.
  • Secondly, click on the dots icon above the chat bar.
  • Thirdly, now enter your favorite pin for locking and remember the pin code because you will use the same pin code for unlocking it.

Remove Online Status

If you want to remove online status from your WhatsApp and do not want to show your online status to others. You can easily remove it. The following steps should be followed;

  • Open the YoMod option by clicking the dots icon.
  • Select setting and then privacy and security.
  • Now click on the possibility of a freeze last viewed, and thus it will be enabled.
  • But after allowing, you will also not be willing to see the online status of the other users.

Remove Check Two

  • Open the menu of YoMod and click on the dot icons.
  • Click on settings, then privacy and security.
  • Select the contact among the list and hide it after clicking check two, then Ok.
  • This feature will be enabled on your phone.

These are all the critical steps that will help you enable the modern features of JTWhatsApp. And enjoy it.

FAQs – Frequently Asking Questions

1. What is JTWhatsApp?

A. The new version of WhatsApp that is developed by Jim El Rezzi to provide modern features that other versions lack. The primary purpose of this version is chatting that be used as simply as others.

2. Is It Legal or Not?

A. It is considered a legal and completely secure version of WhatsApp.

3. Where is it Available?

A. It is readily available in Chrome. Just download its apk file and install it.


JTWhatsApp is considered a new and advanced version of WhatsApp that is similar in use to other versions. But differently in some unique features that others lack.

However, this is one of the most secure and amazing apps and develops according to users’ choice. That can fulfill their desires by including surprising features such as to hide last seen, save status, hide chats, lock a conversation, and many more.

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