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UpdateDecember 7, 2021 (10 months ago)

Instagram for iPhone is an application that lets you click photos and videos, apply effects and filters, and share them with the 300 million Instagrammers online. Instagram for iPhone is designed for the iOS devices to directly share photos and videos from the phone’s gallery. Instagram App has a lot of things to do with photos and videos.

It is preloaded with the filters and image-enhancing tools for customizing the media files before sharing. You can also follow your interests on Instagram and let them follow you. Send private messages, images, and videos to friends or anyone with Instagram Direct. Search for the top accounts and trending photos on Instagram with Explorer.


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Instagram has no limit for photo sharing. Take snaps and edit them like a pro. Like, comment and share any post on Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, etc. Not only your posts, you can also share others posts on Instagram.

Tag anyone on your posts, custom searches using hashtags is possible. You can create your own fan following on Instagram with your posts, and it might help you grow along. Follow celebrities and keep in touch with the updates they post anytime. Instagram for iPhone is a complete app for photo and video sharing with a huge set of Instagram users.


Features of  Instagram for iPhone

  • A great new feature allows you to upload photos in both portrait and landscape. You don’t have to crop your photos to square anymore.
  • The app has 26 filters for photos and 15 filters for videos which alter the entire look of the uploads and draws more attention.
  • You can lighten, brighten, sharpen, darken, soften, and age your photos and videos.
  • Not so satisfied with any of the filters, you can just uncheck to hide them.
  • Add highlights and shadows to the images in a single touch with Instagram for iPhone.
  • The Lux tool which looks like a half-filled sun is used to correct photos that are underexposed.
  • Tag anyone from Instagram; they need not necessarily be your follower. Also, they can untag themselves if they wish.
  • Search Instagram using any search term and click Top for top accounts, locations, and tags. Tap people for top accounts. Tap Places for top locations.
  • Explore lets you see suggested photos and places based on the people you follow.
  • View your photos in grid view, scrolling view, or map view.
  • Share your posts easily to other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, etc. You can also share other posts.
  • Instagram Direct lets you send private messages to your friends or anyone on Instagram whether or not you follow each other.
  • Improved privacy features allow you to disable your location so you are not going to reveal where you took the photos.
  • Under options, toggle to Private Account so that your photos and videos are only visible to the approved followers.

What’s New in Instagram for iPhone

Instagram has got new features in sharing and Live Stories with the latest update.

  • You can now send disappearing photos and videos to your friends with Instagram Direct.
  • Send private messages and photos to anyone on Instagram.
  • Connect with your friends and followers with the Instagram Live Stories. The live stories disappear once you are done.

Pros of Instagram for iPhone

  • Easy to use
  • multiple views
  • Tag friends in images
  • Geotagging support
  • Direct messaging
  • Share to various social media networks
  • Numerous image filters for free
  • Impressive and quick photo editor

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