GHD Sports APK For Android v6.5

GHD Sports
App NameGHD Sports
Size11 MB
Latest Versionv6.5
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Compatible WithAndroid 5.0+
UpdateDecember 2, 2021 (1 month ago)

If you like sports and want an app with all the latest updates, GHD Sports is the best place to go. It has all the features that make it great for a sports fan. So, get updated on your favorite sport from this App. For instance, you can find news about cricket and football on this App.GHD Sports APK is not available on the Google Play Store, but you can download and install it from this website. With unlimited updates, no need for payments to unlock features, and a good internet connection is necessary to use the App better.

What Is GHD Sports APK?

HD Sports APK is a Games and Entertainment app that lets you enjoy sports games from all over the world. It has been updated with new features, such as a stats section, scoreboard, player profiles, and more.

GHD Sports APK

Features Of GHD Sports APK

There are so many features GHD Sports APK offers to users. The App can be used on all Android devices and needs a Wi-Fi or data connection to work correctly. It is one of the best apps out there because it always keeps up with the latest updates about your favorite sport, so this means that you will never miss any game in this APK.

Live Channels:

GHD Sports APK comes with live channels, which means that you can watch all the games from your favorite sports. You do not need to worry about missing a game ever again because It will always have the latest matches for you, and this way, it is easy to follow your team’s progress on this App. GHD Sports APK also has an updated news section where you can find articles related to different sports topics such as cricket, football, or basketball, to name a few. The App lets you customize your feeds, so if there are any updates on one of these topics, they will be delivered onto your device instantly, making sure that you never miss anything important.

Live Channels:

Live Score Update:

It has a live score update section to follow your team’s progress, and It offers many different league standings for the other sports. This App is also compatible with all types of devices, even if it doesn’t have an OS that GHD Sports App APK needs to work correctly. It lets you search for games from certain leagues or teams, which means that this way will be more accessible than ever before to find what game you want to watch at any given time. With this APK, there are no restrictions on who can use it because, unlike other apps such as NBA League Pass or MLB TV, only people living in North America can access them.

Live Score Update

Supports Several Languages:

GHD Sports App supports several different languages, which means that it will be easy to understand the App if you don’t know English. It is available in Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese, so there are plenty of options for everyone.

Supports Several Languages

Watch Offline:

It allows you to watch offline, which is excellent because the App has a download section to find the latest games. All of these features and more make this App one of the best out there, so if you want an easy way to enjoy your favorite sport, then GHD Sport is exactly what you need.

Watch Offline


It has a user-friendly interface which means that G HD Sports app is easy to use. also lets you create your profile, so if you want other users to know about fav teams or players, it will be easier for them to find what they are looking for in GHD sports. It comes with live scores and game alerts, just like most apps nowadays. This makes it an all-time favorite because they constantly update their content almost instantly as soon as something happens during matchmaking. The information stays fresh on G HD Sports Apk every day.

No Ads:

It does not show any ads, which means that it is always free to use. It has been updated with new features such as a stats section, scoreboard, player profiles, and more, making it one of the best apps out there for watching live games or following your favorite team’s progress.

Watch Live News:

It has a live section with G HD Sports APK to watch GHD Sport’s news about the latest games or matches. It also comes with a chat option, which means that it is easy to communicate with other people who might be watching the same game as you are because it will never leave you alone when there is an important match. This way, it always keeps up-to-date, so no one misses any information. GHD Sports App does not require too many resources from your device, making sure that your phone doesn’t go out of battery quickly while using it for more extended periods.

Watch Live News- GHD Sports APK

Who Can Use The GHD Sports APK?

It is available for everyone because G HD sports do not require any OS to work. It can be used on all types of devices, even if it doesn’t have an operating system that it needs to function correctly. The App offers many different league standings for the other sports, and it lets you search for games from certain leagues or teams, which means that this way will be more accessible than ever before to find what game want to watch at any given time with it.


The GHD Sports app does not show any TV channels or sports matches. Instead, you see links to videos. Sometimes, these links do not work correctly. Similarly, you may face a few other problems with the App. But these are minor. If you have fast internet, you will not come across any buffering or broken links while using this App on your phone or computer. Also, it is easy to download and install the GHD Sports app without any problem at all, so give it a try for yourself to find out how great it is.

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