Fictif: Visual Novels MOD APK v1.0.35

Fictif, Fictif App
App Name Fictif
Publisher Nix Hydra
Size 40M
Latest Version1.0.35
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Compatible WithAndroid 5.0+
UpdateApril 9, 2022 (3 months ago)

Reading novels and gaining important life lessons from them is a habit of millions of people living all around the world as these are considered to be a cheaper source of information as well as learning good habits. The Fictif APK is a wonderful collection of interactive visual novels where you get the wonderful opportunity to adventure and romance with your favorite character in a breath-taking story of your choice.

In this wonderful article, we will be providing the premium features which are offered by this particular application and will also throw some light on the honest application review which is given by the existing users of this APK.


Fictif APK

The Fictif APK is a wonderful collection of interactive visual novels where the person gets the chance to live the life of the main character present inside the novel and interact with the other characters of the novel in a much healthier manner.

You will get the chance to romance with your favorite character in a storyline which is very captivating and will also get the wonderful opportunity to work the things out with their choice and change your experience in this virtual world.

You will get a wonderful opportunity to explore the collection of interesting romantic stories that are present in different sectors and genres. Various realities along with different types of characters are present in the storyline which you can explore and have a wonderful time by becoming a part of it.

Also when you will be trapped inside a fantasy game you will use your thinking skills and your capabilities in a much better way if you want to survive that particular mission.

All this will improve your higher-order thinking ability and will make you a better person not only in the gaming world but also in the real world so that you can complete a task in a much better way.

Now we will be discussing the premium features which are offered by the particular game for all the users and will also be discussing the honest application review in the latter part of the article.

Premium Features of Fictif: Visual Novels Mod apk

A lot of premium features are offered by the Fictif APK which we have mentioned in this particular article and tried to describe each one of them in great detail:

Fictif APK
  • Make your own decisions:-This particular APK provides you the wonderful opportunity to take your own decisions so that the story moves in just the right direction that you want it to move. This particular feature also helps in making your real-world fantasies fulfill with the help of the virtual and unrealistic world because in the real world all the things do not move in the direction that we want them to move in. So, by taking the decisions using your skills and thinking ability you will be able to create just the right world that you wanted to live in and gain maximum satisfaction out of it.
  • Big library:-One of the unique features which are provided by this wonderful application is that it has a database of a very big library which contains thousands of novels which you can experience by reading them, at the same time becoming the part of it by altering the situations that are present in the novel.
Fictif APK

The user can choose from different segments of the books so that a complete enjoyment package can be offered to him or her and at the same time creating the top of the mind awareness so that they can come back again and spend a lot of time while playing this particular game.

  • Background Music:-One of the most important features which are offered by this particular APK is that it provides background music even after being a normal novel based game. This has resulted in making the person more involved while playing the game and increasing the game playtime.
  • Alternate Perspectives:-This particular application allows you to make and read alternate perspectives of each character which is present inside the novel. This has helped in improving the different versions of the storyline and at the same time opening the mind of the readers.
Fictif APK
  • Original Art:: Each story that is present in a particular game is a masterpiece and considered to be a work of original art and display. The developers of the game have especially emphasized on the fact that they should provide something high in terms of content and graphics to the readers.
  • Select Multiple Characters:-One feature which has been able to attract the eyes of millions of people is that it offers a wonderful opportunity to play a single story from all the characters that are part of the story. This feature has been used in many crime thrillers and mind-boggling movies and has been loved by the majority of the people all around the globe.

App Review

The Fictif APK is a wonderful application that provides interactive visual novels where you can become part of the adventure and get involved in romantic nature with your character bye by making crucial changes in the storyline.

The game has been developed in a passionate manner which has resulted in creating a character-driven interactive story involving large amounts of the original artwork.

All of this has resulted in generating millions of loyal user bases for the application and at the same time positive word of mouth of the game.

Final Verdict

The Fictif APK is an interactive game that is based on the various characters of novels where you have to read the story and take crucial decisions so that the overall story is driven in just the right direction which you wanted to be.

The game provides premium features which we have discussed in this particular article free of cost, which has resulted in thousands of downloads of the same because the user need not pay even a single penny from his or her pocket.

Feel free to mention your queries and problems in the comment section given below in this particular article.

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