4 Simple Ways to Automate Tasks on iOS

Workflow is one of the most productive apps that you can ever see on the iPhone. With very small automations, it reduces multi-step methods with a single click and makes some processes very simple and easy, which was not possible with the iPhone. Extracting zip files and downloading files are now easy in iPhone.

Track Expenses

Tracking expenses is one of the easiest tasks in any of the business processes. It may be monotonous and time-consuming. With the help of ‘send receipt’ workflow, you can take any file from Dropbox and send it to your boss with few clicks. Upon opening the application, you will get the option to pick photos;

4 Simple Ways to Automate Tasks on iOS

you can very easily pick photos of business trip or any purchase. The photos will be uploaded to preliminary Dropbox directory and eventually you will end up creating a draft email with the Dropbox link and short description about the content. All you need to do is shed few more drops of ink and hit on send.

AirDrop Recent Screenshots

Most of the office maniacs take a lot of screenshots. While you do it now with iOS, the screenshots goes and stores itself in my Mac through AirDrop. By using the Airdrop screenshot drop box, you can see the list of recent uploaded screenshots in one panel and the option to choose the nearest Apple device to send. With only few clicks, the game is over.

Turn Websites into PDFs

Only few clicks can give the desired PDF. Most of us love to take screenshots of webpages. It is very easy. You can see the Share button and you just have click on ‘Make PDF’. A preview of the PDF will appear; you can share this. You will get a screenshot of the PDF that you can share.

Get EXIF for Images

By default, there is no provision to view EXIF data for images on iOS; however, there are ample of third-party apps, which allow editing EXIF data. But many times, we get stuck ourselves when we want to know the time and place of a taken picture. However, it becomes impossible, though it is now possible with iOS.

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