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3D Tuning
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UpdateSeptember 15, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

3DTuning MOD APK:-Did you ever want to repair or customize your car by yourself? But obviously, you wouldn’t do that because you are afraid that you might ruin your vehicle. Everyone seeks professionals to customize the vehicle but do you know that there is an application to customize any luxury car by yourself?

3D Tuning Apk allows you to paint, shape, and organize any cars. More than 1000 real-looking cars are waiting for you to orient them. It is a great chance to create your dream car.

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The Key Features of 3D Tuning Apk

3D Simulation

This is a 3D simulation game where you can customize your favourite car in your style. Its attractive 3D animated graphics enables you to design your dream car as you want.  

3D Simulation 3DTuning


It has the most realistic customizable cars. It is like you are decorating your car in real. You can’t find any other realistic game other than 3D Tuning Apk.


This is a single-player game where you can redesign the car all by yourself only. No other player needs to suggest or help you with modifying the vehicle. Make your dream car all alone.

3DTuning Single-Player

More Than 1000 Cars

3D Tuning Apk offers you to choose any vehicle from thousands of other vehicles. You would find many beautiful cars to customize. You cannot get rid of it because there are more than 1000 cars and you can reorganize them all.

More Than 1000 Cars


Stylize any of your idol cars as your wish. Paint, add accessories, upgrade speed, etc. This game enables you to redesign your idol car to create a fantastic luxury car.


3D Tuning Apk is an offline game. No need to connect to the internet and play it anywhere you want.


The Cool Features of 3D Tuning Apk

  • 1. 3D Tuning Apk has brand-new cars and recent models to design them. Various vehicles of models, new or old, are ready to decorate in the garage. An oversized garage with different modern tools.
  • 2. Option to change its colors, suspension level, interior colors, and painting texture and arts. It also has a different collection of car bumpers, attractive windows, striking wheels, etc.
  • 3. You can save your gameplay in 3D Tuning Apk. All your designed cars will be reserved. You can easily save your data from the game, and you can also take photos of the vehicles you have planned. You can share them with your buddies too.
  • 4. Create unique virtual cars and develop your creativity by playing 3D Tuning game. Enjoy your dream cars and share the pictures with everyone. Invent and develop new car models too.

Why to Play 3D Tuning Apk?

Everyone should play the game to make 3D models of your cars, and you can share them with your mechanic to organize your vehicles as it is. You can fulfil your wish of driving your car model all by yourself. Play it offline too!

How to Play 3D Tuning Apk?

It is easy to understand the game. You have to choose one among 1000 thousand cars in the game and start the game. Change its accessories and interior. Paint and design as you want. Create a fantastic luxury car with 3D Tuning Apk.

Pro Tips to Play The 3D Tuning Apk

  • 1. Choose one of your favourite cars. First, see all the cars and try to find your precious vehicle. Start orienting the vehicle by customizing the interior first. Change the seats, mirrors, windows, etc.
  • 2. Now start changing the exterior. Change wheels, headlights, mirrors, doors, etc. Change the size of wheels and bumpers. Further, change the headlights and roof of the car. Then change the size of the back bumper and storage.
  • 3. Now, choose a decent colour and paint it. Choose a unique texture for your dream car. Then paint different designs on the vehicle. You can write your name also. Now you’ll get an excellent, stylish car in 3D Tuning Apk. Save it and design other cars also.

How Does The 3D Tuning Apk Works?

Open the game “3D Tuning Apk” and click on the start button. Then you will see the option to choose a car model to design it. You should choose a luxury car to create and make it more attractive. Choose a specific texture for the vehicle.

First, design the interior of the car and change the interior colour. Reorganize the internal parts of the vehicle. Change the colour of seats, increase suspension level, etc. Then start to change the exterior.

You change the colour of the car. Also, paint different designs on it. Resize the bumper of the front and end. Then change the headlights and mirror of the vehicle. When you have done, click on next. Then click some photos and share them with everyone. You can design all the cars available on this game.

The Pros and Cons of 3D Tuning Apk


  • 1. Thousands of cars
  • 2. Exciting designs
  • 3. New and old all models of the car
  • 4. Realistic 3D simulation
  • 5. Free to organize


  • 1. Limited unlocked cars
  • 2. Costly parts of the cars

How to Download & Install The 3D Tuning Apk

You may find some difficulty in unlocking all the luxury cars. At the play store, you can buy different virtual vehicles. Their parts, but who would spend their money on that? If you want to download it for free, follow the steps given below:

  • 1. First, click on our download button to get the apk file of the game in your device directory.
  • 2. After downloading, click on the 3D Tuning Apk to start the installation.
  • 3. But, before installation, turn on the Unknown Source in your device to avoid an error.
  • 4. Now, download it on your gadget and allow permission by 3D Tuning Apk.
  • 5. Great! You got the game on your device. Enjoy this exciting gameplay and share it with friends.

The Additional Features of 3D Tuning Apk [Unlimited Options]

  • 1. Unlimited Cars
  • 2. All Unlocked Designs and Paints
  • 3. Free Accessories and Parts
  • 4. Free to Organize
  • 5. Limitless Wheels and Headlights Design

Top 5 Alternatives to 3D Tuning Apk

  • 1. Car Mechanic Simulator 21
  • 2. Car Mechanic
  • 3. Retro Garage – Car Mechanic
  • 4. Car Mechanic Simulator 3D
  • 5. Car Restore – Car Mechanic

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Play It?

A. You should try this if you want to make your dream model car.

2. How Many Car Models Are Available?

A. More than 1000 new or old car models are available in 3D Tuning Apk.

3. How to Get Unlimited Vehicles and Parts?

A. Get unlimited access to everything in 3D Tuning Apk by installing it from our website.

Bottom Line

Create unique and beautiful cars, make your dream come true. Make a perfect model that amazes everyone. Share it with the world, show your creativity using 3D Tuning Apk. Reveal your passion for cars and recommend this to everyone who likes cars.

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